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Edward Miano

Elite Relaxation Bodywork & Healing Arts
581 Boylston St.
02116 Boston MA, USA

+ 1 781 425 5464

I don’t “do” massage, I don’t give people a massage, I give them an experience; a moment in time where they can simply “be” in the moment.

(Ich “mache” keine Massage, ich gebe Leuten keine Massage, ich gebe den Menschen ein Erlebnis; ein Moment, in dem sie einfach “Sein” können.)

I was drawn to bodywork through the awareness and realization of a couple of different things about myself, and the convergence of a few factors: an innate interest in the mind body connection, a sincere interest in helping others, a search for something more meaningful as a career, as a means of both artistic expression and the satisfaction of working with my hands, as a means to reduce stress and find balance within my own life.
It was after discovering Lomi Lomi during my travels that I fell under her spell.

From this spark, I became determined to study and learn all I could about massage, and with the support of friends and family I made the decision to stop what I was doing and change careers, discontinuing a successful business career to become a therapist.

From Lomi there comes a deep release, which causes an opening on all levels of being. On the basis of the knowledge of the unity of body and mind, this bodywork has developed over centuries in Hawaii. To let Aloha (Universal Love) and Ho’oponopono (reconciliation or balance) to felt by touch – that is Lomi Lomi.

Voted “Best of BOSTON” Massage BY Thumbtack Users 2 years in a row. 2015 / 2016

Voted in the top 3 – “Best Massage in Boston” by Boston’s A-List voters


Gantke® Lomi-Massage
90 Minutes $175
100 Minutes $185